Explorers Trading Cards Project



YOU have been selected to help design the newest line of trading cards! Your job is to create the first ever Explorer Trading Cards. These cards will look similar to Baseball cards, but instead of having batting averages, the cards will have facts about the explorers' major discoveries. Using the information that is provided below and other additional sources, you will select the information that will be printed on the cards for everyone to see. These cards will be sold nationwide beginning next year, so we need your help soon! Good luck! We look forward to seeing your final products!


                         The Task

Your task is as follows:


                    The Process

1. Research your explorer. Use the links (below) for help.


2. When you have thoroughly researched your explorer, fill out the back side of your trading card with


3. Next, locate a picture of your explorer. (Google images may help.) On the front side of your card, attach a picture of your explorer and a map tracing his route.


4. The final step is to edit your card to make sure you have not made any writing errors. Then add the finishing touches by coloring and making the cards visually appealing. You must include the name of the explorer on top of his picture. Neatness counts!


Here are some sites where you can find information about explorers:

North American Exploration: http://www.eduplace.com/kids/socsci/books/applications/imaps/maps/g5s_u2/index.html














Your teacher will check your cards and grade them on the following: